COVID-19 Message On-Hold Program for Only $150

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Messages Designed to
Help You & Your Staff

InTouch is THE industry standard for dental message on-hold. We’ve been crafting custom telephone message on-hold programs for dentists for 25+ years and are the exclusive ADA Member Advantage vendor for telephone message on-hold.

Keep Callers Updated on Practice Policies and Procedures

Our team of experts crafted these messages to ensure they align with ADA guidelines, educate callers on your practice’s COVID-19 response, as well as free up front-desk staff from answering frequently asked questions.

Create Your COVID-19 Message On-Hold Program in A Few Easy Steps

In a few easy steps you can build a custom 6-message COVID-19 On-Hold Program for your practice. We’ll engineer the program and email it to you in a few days so you can start communicating right away to clients with the most up-to-date, relevant information to help them keep your clients and stay safe!
Simply fill out the form below and choose 6 messages to get started! Then proceed to our secure payment portal to complete your order.

Audio Samples

Appreciate Understanding

Extra Measures

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How is the program provided?

The COVID standalone message on-hold audio file can be sent to you via email in a mp3 or .wav format depending on the which option your message on-hold player requires. If your message on-hold player requires a CD format, we can mail the CD program to you for an additional $5 fee for shipping/postage.

What if I don't have a player?

If you don’t currently have a message on-hold player, no worries! We have message on-hold players in stock to accommodate most phone systems. Let us know so we can connect you to an account executive and get you set up with a message on-hold player for your practice.

Do you work with all phone systems?

We guarantee compatibility. Please call us at (877) 493-9003 so we can best work with you to make sure we send you the right program for your phone.