7 Ways Your Dental Website Can Help You Recruit

In June 2021, ADA News reported that dental practices all over the US are understaffed and receiving fewer applications. “HPI data show more than 80% of hiring dentists find hygienist and assistant recruitment extremely or very challenging.”

Are you currently struggling with these issues?

  • Going weeks without application submissions
  • Temp staffing agencies having no availability
  • Interview no-shows
  • Poor attendance from new hires
  • Fewer patients being scheduled

You’re not alone. Practices everywhere need to compete more fiercely to recruit and retain their talent. And to stay competitive, you need to have a website that’s designed to help you attract more quality recruits.

All Your Website Information is Up-to-Date

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression” might sound cliché, but it’s true. When someone lands on your website for the first time, you want them to be positively blown away. Poor-quality photos and large blocks of text with few, if any, discernable links and calls-to-action can leave a new visitor to your site feeling lost and probably a little frustrated.

With up-to-date content, job seekers can easily check your job listings page, apply for a position, and explore your website to learn more about your practice and team. The important thing about having current information about your team members on your website is that it shows potential new hires who they’ll be working with.

You Have an Easy-to-Find Careers Page on Your Website

Naturally, if you want to get the attention of applicants in the midst of their job search and show them what positions you’re hiring for, your website needs to have a page dedicated to your current job openings. You should also include descriptions, benefits, and requirements here, along with a call-to-action to encourage job seekers to apply. When someone lands on your homepage, there should be a highly visible button or link directing people to your careers page. If you’re not getting any engagement from potential new hires through your website, it could be that they simply can’t find your careers page.

Your Website has an Employment Application

This might be a no-brainer, but it’s super important! Don’t make applicants jump through hoops by directing them to other websites, or making them print out an application, fill it out by hand, and then send it or drop it off at your practice. An online form is quick and easy, and should be a relief for an individual who has likely spent the last several hours filling out applications.

Your Website Promotes Your Practice Culture and Its Many Benefits

If you and your team are proud of the culture you’ve built at your dental practice, why not show it off? Give job applicants something they can resonate with and be inspired by. Whether or not your team abides by more traditional values or does some things a little differently, make sure your practice’s culture shines throughout your website. Dedicate a page to the fun and educational events and opportunities your team members get to experience. Share stories and quotes that reinforce your mission and make your practice stand out. Applicants WILL be making note of these things to see how you measure up against other employers in the area.

Your Website Tells Job Seekers Why They Should Work for You

This is where you emphasize the job benefits new hires can expect. But don’t stop there—if your practice also provides continuing education, upward mobility opportunities, gym memberships, and other perks, you’ll want to draw attention to those, too. A competitive salary, full medical, dental, and visual insurance, and a 401(K) are great, but just about every company offers those. What else do you offer to attract and retain quality talent?

Your Website is Full of Beautiful, Custom Photos

Stock images are okay as temporary placeholders, but they’re no substitute for quality custom photos. This ties in with telling and showing job searchers who you are and what they can expect as an employee. With custom photos, people can see the faces behind the brand name and get a feel for what it’s like to work with your team. These photos can also give applicants a glimpse of your practice and equipment. Custom photos give your website a friendly, welcoming feel, and can help applicants build a connection with your practice.

Your Website is Search Engine Optimized

Having all the necessary content and pages on your website to kindle a hiring boom at your practice is a great start, but it won’t take you very far if your website isn’t optimized for search engines. Including the right keywords in your content increases the odds of applicants finding and visiting your website. Remember, you’re not the only dental practice in your area that’s on the lookout for new hires. You’re competing with lots of other businesses, so don’t miss this crucial step!

Need Help Turning Your Website into a Recruiting Machine?

You can turn just about any website into a streamlined recruiting tool, but it takes some specialized knowledge and digital elbow grease to make that happen. InTouch has years of digital marketing experience, and our experts know what’s needed to make a website perform and attract more job applicants. To learn more, get InTouch by calling (877) 493-9003 today.