Hiring Tips 101: Employer Branding Strategies to Attract Top Talent

Is employment a huge focus for your dental practice right now? Then you need hiring tips that will all but guarantee your success at finding the best talent. Tons of businesses have had to rethink their hiring processes and overhaul their branding strategies to capture more employee prospects.

If you’re in the same boat, stay with us to learn about what your employer branding needs, and for hiring tips to grow and improve your pool of applicants.

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What Your Employer Branding Needs to be More Successful

If applicants are few and far between for your dental practice, take a look at the branding and marketing you’re currently utilizing. It should encompass the following elements:

  • Reputation - Positive reviews, a strong rating on Glassdoor from past and current employees, and the overall reputation you’ve built over the years as an employer
  • Culture – Mission statement/vision, core values, team protocols and activities
  • Environment – A healthy, positive work environment is critical to job seekers
  • Benefits – Promote your benefits, especially if you offer something unique
  • Value proposition – What kind of value are you offering to job seekers?

Our 6 Need-to-Know Hiring Tips to Help You Get More Applicants

It doesn’t matter if you’re just getting started with your employer branding or if you already have a solid foundation to work from. These hiring tips can help you maximize your efforts and get more qualified applicants reaching out to your practice.

Give Your Reputation a Boost

Your reputation as a dental practice is one thing, and your reputation as an employer is entirely another. Providing quality dental care might be a great selling point for patients, but it’s not the angle you should be relying on to get more applications flowing in.

Here’s how you can improve and manage your dental practice’s employer reputation:

  • Stay on top of reviews. Are you checking up on your Google My Business profile and Glassdoor profile regularly? Are you responding to reviews (especially the negative ones)? Be sure to do that as often as you can. A responsive company is a caring company, and reflects your desire to improve weaknesses in your practice and make it a better place to work.
  • Stay active on social media. Respond to queries and comments, share photos and videos of your team kicking butt, and shine the spotlight on awesome employees every chance you get.
  • Build a recruiting website. A recruiting website should be an entirely separate entity from your dental practice website, and include everything job seekers will want to know about your practice as an employer—how you operate, what you offer, how to apply, what employees can expect, etc.

Build/Strengthen Your HR Team

This might go without saying, depending on the size of your dental practice. You might already have a fully-functioning HR team, or maybe you are still trying to grow that area of your business. Regardless, you need a rockstar HR team to coordinate and manage your hiring, and help you retain good employees. Through them, your dental practice can more easily promote open positions, filter candidates, and run ongoing campaigns to attract applicants.


Highlight Your Company Culture

Good pay isn’t the only thing job seekers look for in a company. They also want to know what kind of culture is being promoted there, and how well this culture treats employees. A strong, cohesive Company culture provides crucial value for employees. Many workers are actually willing to forego higher pay in favor of an organization that brings more to the table. If your dental practice has such a culture and offers many unique, non-monetary benefits that make your employees feel appreciated and supported, you need to make that clear in your branding.

Culture is a big piece of the employer branding equation that encourages many employees to stick with their company, and feel like an indispensable part of the team. Whatever your dental practice does to promote and nurture a quality company culture, make those things known on your website and social media pages.

Give Job Seekers a Reason to Work for You

It’s the ultimate question—why should people work for your dental practice in particular? What can you provide that competing practices can’t? Use content on your website, blog, GMB profile, and social media pages to explain why, as an employer, you’re the best choice for new hires, a place where people love to work.

Every dental practice has its reasons. Maybe you offer hefty job benefits to support your employees and give them leeway to focus on their lives and families. Scholarships and other programs to help employees advance their careers are also worth promoting. If you feel that your dental practice has something truly unique and relevant to offer its team members, don’t hold back on talking about it.

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Tell Job Seekers What You Want in an Ideal Employee

You would probably agree that it’s better to hire someone who sincerely believes in and resonates with your company in particular, instead of someone who just wants a paycheck. That’s why you need to clearly state what kind of people you really want working for your organization. This way you’ll be able to avoid wasting time and energy on someone who just isn’t the best fit.

Watch what Your Competitors Are Doing

One more hiring tip that can aid your dental practice in the search for great new hires is this: Research competing dental practices in your area to see what they’re doing to attract job searchers. Visit their websites, check out their social media pages, and then compare their efforts to yours. What can you do better? Make a list and start planning your strategy.

Want More Hiring Tips?

We know a thing or two about helping businesses bulk up their recruiting strategies, and we have plenty of hiring tips in our arsenal to offer ongoing guidance.

If you need assistance with your employer branding and want to work with an expert marketing team that cares about your success, get InTouch today by calling (877) 493-9003.