Tips for Humanizing Your Dental Team

Your dental practice is a business, but a significant portion of your business is built around being compassionate and empathetic to provide for your patients’ needs. The human connection is just as important in dental care as it is in medical care and other care industries, but sometimes that human feel can get lost in the day-to-day hustle of running a successful dental practice. It’s important to never lose sight of your practice’s original mission, and to take steps to humanize your practice for your patients and potential new patients. This is an ongoing process, and requires your team’s full commitment.

So, what can you do to humanize your dental practice and improve your team’s engagement with patients and potential new patients? Marketing your practice goes without saying, but there are specific ways to market your practice that can humanize your brand’s image and help you create stronger connections with people.

Below are 4 ways you can humanize your dental team and practice.

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The 4 Best Ways to Humanize Your Dental Team and Practice

You can humanize your dental practice with digital marketing in all kinds of ways. These methods are a wonderful way to build familiarity with your team and inspire trust in their care and abilities.

  • Create an Amazing Team Page for Your Dental Practice Website

    After your homepage, your team page is the most visited page on your dental website. This is an excellent opportunity to make your team shine and present them in the most personable way possible.

    Some suggestions for sprucing up your team page:

    • Make sure all team member photos are crystal-clear quality and consistent (uniforms, backdrops)
    • Encourage team members to smile big
    • Have everyone strike a fun pose (if your practice has a more laid-back vibe)
    • Freshen up your team’s bios with fun facts, hidden talents, hobbies, and other interesting tidbits of info
    • Have team members provide answers to fun questions (be creative!)
    • Or, instead of fun questions, take a different approach and ask your team what they love most about working in dental care
    • Create video or gif snippets of your team members instead of photos, showing them in action at their jobs or answering questions
  • Spotlight Individual Team Members in Social Media Posts

    Spotlighting your team is not a new concept, but it’s almost always a hit on social media. Your patients and followers want to get to know you! Along with introducing your team members by their names and faces, include snippets about their hobbies, their education, any awesome achievements they have, and maybe even a few words about what got them into dentistry in the first place. We strongly encourage you to speak glowingly of your team members at every opportunity, as this reflects well on them and your organization as a whole. It also hints at a great company culture, which is extremely appealing to today’s job seekers.

  • Gently Remind Your Patients to be Kind

    The covid pandemic posed a major challenge for many businesses, including dental practices. You have had to change your practice protocols on multiple occasions, and most likely needed to postpone and reschedule many appointments. This probably caused some confusion and frustration among your staff and your patients, which may have led to some negative feelings on both sides.

    To help mitigate or even prevent that negativity going forward, formulate some messaging to address the problems your patients and staff might be facing. Keep people informed about changes at your dental practice, and let them know your team is doing everything possible to maintain smooth operations. It’s so important to keep your patients in the loop. By providing your patients with up-to-date information about your practice’s protocols and challenges, you help them understand your team better. And from understanding comes empathy and kindness.

    Ways to spread the message of kindness to your patients:

    • Create a pop-up banner for your website
    • Create a pinned post for social media
    • Write up a friendly message for your message on-hold program
  • Be Active in Your Community

    Community involvement is a big deal. While your ultimate goal is to provide dental services, getting involved in community events can increase brand awareness and help you reinforce your relationship with your patients and the greater community.

    Does your community have local festivals, fundraisers, and learning modules? Take part in these so people can meet your team and see what you’re all about. Help to educate the public, drum up interest in your practice, and show your community that you care and have an incredible dental team available to serve their needs.

    And after you’ve participated in these events, be sure to share photos and anecdotes on your social media, and invite your followers to stop by and see you at the next event.

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Need Help Promoting and Humanizing Your Dental Team?

Marketing your dental practice is hard work, and it’s an ongoing process. Rather than taking it on yourself, consider partnering with the experts of InTouch! We’re obsessed with digital marketing and seeing our clients achieve success. We offer a wide array of services, including website development, SEO, copywriting, video, and much more. If you need help nailing your messaging and humanizing your dental practice, call us today at (877) 493-9003!