Google My Business Reporting: What to Know About Your New Report

We’re rolling out new and improved Google My Business reporting for our SEO clients. What does this mean for you? Why it is so important? Allow us to explain ourselves and demonstrate the benefits of your new Google My Business report.

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Why the New Google My Business Report?

Our updated Google My Business report shows the traffic and results that flow to your website each month directly from your Google My Business listing. The official SEO report shows results for your website exclusively, so the Google My Business report shows us what additional actions are being taken on your listing that aren’t shown in the SEO report. It fills in some crucial gaps and gives you a more detailed picture of what’s going on.

What does this new data reveal to SEO clients?

The data extracted from our updated Google My Business reporting communicates a lot of important information to our clients, including:

  • How often people are interacting with your listing
  • How much exposure your listing is getting (how many times it shows up in Google searches)
  • The number of searches in which your listing is popping up, for both Google Search and Google Maps (this provides an excellent overview of how often your listing pops up)
  • How many times people are using click-to-call to contact your practice directly from your listing
  • How many times people click to get directions to your dental practice
  • How many times someone clicks to visit your website
  • Updates on any new reviews your dental practice has received during a specific timeframe
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The Perks of Our New Google My Business Reporting

As a dentist and/or dental practice owner, you deserve to know how well your marketing efforts are performing. Google My Business is a must-have for any business, and it can be harnessed to give your practice an advantage in the marketplace.

Key benefits of this new and improved reporting include:

  • Showing you everything you need to know in one place

    Everything you need to know about your Google My Business listing and how it’s helping to bring more people to your website and your dental practice can be discovered in a single report.

  • Showing you your impact

    Want to know how much your Google My Business listing is impacting your business? Our new report will give you the details.

  • Easy, convenient accessibility

    In the past, our clients’ information could only be found in the back end of their Google My Business listing. This required logging into to see the information. Now, all of this information (and more) can be accessed quickly on one convenient dashboard. All you have to do is go in and adjust for any timeframe you prefer to see specific data.

How All of This Benefits Your Dental Practice

With our new Google My Business reporting, we put more critical and nuanced information in our clients’ hands so they can stay informed and make smarter marketing decisions.

With the day-to-day hustle and bustle of running a dental practice, you have little time to spare for analyzing and interpreting data. Our updated reporting makes reviewing your data significantly easier. It gives your team the chance to see how Google My Business is serving your practice, without taking time away from actually running your business and serving your patients.

Furthermore, our reporting can show you information you might not have seen before, information that can show you if adjustments need to be made to your Google My Business listing and other aspects of your digital marketing.

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Have Any Questions About Our Google My Business Reporting Upgrades?

If you want to know more about the changes we’ve made to Google My Business reporting and how this might affect your business, give us a shout! Our team is available 5 days a week to answer your questions and walk you through any uncertainties you have about your updated report.

Our digital marketers have put a lot of thought and time into this new report, with the simple idea that you should be able to see all the information that we can see when we monitor your performance. We know how important this information is to you.

With our streamlined, thorough, and easily-accessible new Google My Business reporting, we hope you are able to gain a better understanding of how Google My Business works, how it benefits your practice, and how you can improve your business’s performance for even better growth.

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