Consolidators, Here’s What You Need from Your Dental Digital Marketing Partner

Are you a part of a firm that consolidates dental practices? Are you looking to find a dental digital marketing firm that can help you scale your business and improve the success of your practices? Acquiring practices is no easy task, and building them up to run smoothly and see continuous growth can also be fraught with challenges. Such a balancing act isn’t something that can be managed without the support and guidance of a digital marketing agency.

In the following sections, we emphasize the most important qualities you should be looking for if you are in the process of researching and choosing a marketing firm to partner with. Choose wisely!

Experience Working with the Dental Industry

A dental digital marketing firm that knows the dental industry and has worked with practices and consolidators alike is much more likely to help you succeed. They know what the industry landscape looks like and how to navigate its many obstacles. A lot of dental practices are facing employee shortages, burnout, and an uncertain future. When consolidators acquire dental practices, they then have to ensure that each practice follows the same protocols, uses the same technology, and enforces the same policies. Outdated programs and poor management can jeopardize not just the success of the practice(s) in question, but the consolidator as well.

The right marketing team will be able to help you promote your practices, hire quality employees, build up your brand, and achieve significant returns on your investment.

All Dental Digital Marketing Services Provided In-House

Another major factor to look for in your dental digital marketing partner is an in-house marketing team. Ideally, you should look for a team/agency that offers the full spectrum of marketing services: branding, web development (including hosting and maintenance), search engine marketing, design, copywriting, SEO, social media, and more. Do they outsource their talent, or do they have full-time experts all working together and sharing their knowledge? An in-house team is better able to meet your needs. They can communicate with each other consistently and move more quickly to address your concerns and make any changes that are needed to your marketing strategies.

Data Analysis and Reporting

To know whether or not your marketing strategies are yielding results, you can’t just go with a feeling. Only by looking at your data can you know for sure if your hard work is paying off. With the right marketing agency in your corner, you’ll have access to detailed reports and a marketing professional who can walk you through the numbers and explain what it all means. These reports can also show you the value of your marketing efforts and give you the information you need to make improvements to your strategies and increase the growth of your practices.

Additionally, with the information provided by your marketing partner, you can compare your dental practices with competing practices in the area—and compare your results from one year to the next. By fully understanding which strategies are working and why, your business can make smarter marketing decisions that yield even greater success.

Frequent and Reliable Communication

Having regular discussions with your dental digital marketing firm is vital to your partnership, and it plays a role in ensuring the success of your business and your practices.

One of the best ways to determine the quality of communication you can expect from a marketing firm is to ask for referrals. This will put you in contact with some of the firm’s clients, and you can learn from those clients about the kind of experience you can expect if you choose to work with the firm in question. This way, you’re not just getting their word—you’re also speaking to people who have firsthand experience with them and can vouch for their work.

Achieve Greater Success with InTouch

InTouch Practice Communications has had the privilege of working with consolidators for years, and has helped countless practices with their dental digital marketing. We’re one of the most knowledgeable dental marketing agencies in the industry, with an incredible crew of marketers, analysts, developers, and account managers who genuinely care about your success.

We can go on, but our work speaks for itself. Call us today at (877) 493-9003 to get InTouch, and see how we can take your practices—and your consolidating business—to new heights.