Why Professional Voicemail Recordings & Auto-Attendant Make Your Business Better

As a dental practice, you have a responsibility to your patients to communicate with them as clearly and professionally as possible. The manner in which your practice manages phone calls can say a lot about the quality of your business! Clear, direct communication is essential to your success, and a crucial facet of that communication rests with your practice’s voicemail setup and auto-attendant (we recognize that not all phone systems facilitate auto-attendant).

It is not uncommon for a dental practice or other business to put together its own voicemail recordings, but unless your team has the time and ability to do so, it may not be the best idea. If you end up with a product that is mediocre at best, it could put off your callers and harm your practice.

Stick with us to see why professional is the way to go with your voicemail and auto-attendant. Also, be sure to check out some of our audio samples down below!

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Why Do-It-Yourself Voicemail and Auto-Attendant is a Bad Idea

We understand the desire to be self-sufficient and able to handle your own marketing and communications. But when it comes to recording voicemail and auto-attendant messages, you might run into some challenges if you’re not familiar with the phone system, or if your team lacks the experience necessary to create quality recordings. And the fact that you have a dental practice to run just compounds the issue. Doing your own recordings may be possible, but the quality of what you produce might suffer if you’re trying to focus on multiple things at once.

What Makes Professional Recordings Beneficial to Your Dental Practice?

They Give Callers/Listeners a More Positive Impression

Quality voicemail and auto-attendant recordings are going to make your dental office seem much more competent, professional, and authoritative than the office down the street that has a tinny, robotic voice running through a generic message. It gives callers the impression that you have it together (and you do).

There are 2 major benefits of going with professionally crafted recordings for your phone system.

They Make Your Phone Messaging Cohesive (If You’re an InTouch MOH Customer)

If you already work with us for your message on-hold needs, then having our team record your voicemail and auto-attendant messages is a no-brainer. Why? Because it lends cohesion and consistency. If your callers have already heard your message on-hold program (or at least some of it), then they’re going to hear the same warm, friendly voice if they get your voicemail or need to be redirected to a different extension. This familiarity can be comforting to your callers and reinforce their trust in your dental practice.

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How Do Professional Recordings Benefit My Callers?

In addition to making your dental practice look good, professional, high-quality recordings can also benefit your callers in the following ways:

  • They’re Clear and Helpful

    Callers and current patients look to your practice to instruct them in what to do when contacting your practice. A quality recording is easy to follow and minimizes confusion and uncertainty, and gets patients closer to receiving the dental care they need. This is especially critical if you have older and/or hearing-impaired patients or callers.

  • They Build Trust with Your Callers

    Clear and easy communication makes people happy and puts them at ease. When a caller is able to communicate smoothly with your dental practice, they feel more confident and comfortable about choosing you for their dental needs. This gives them certainty about your competence and in turn builds greater trust.

    No matter how big or small your business happens to be, professional auto-attendant and voicemail recordings will always make your dental practice sound more polished, professional, and trustworthy.

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Give Our Voicemail and Auto-Attendant Samples a Listen

InTouch has worked with dental practices and various phone systems for decades. We’re experts of communications, providing high-quality, custom solutions for virtually every type of phone system.

To get a better idea of the work we do, check out these voicemail and auto-attendant samples.

What Makes InTouch the Go-To for Auto-Attendant and Voicemail Recording?

Simply put, it’s in our DNA. When our company was founded, we were focused on providing phone system solutions, which included audio recordings provided by on-site voice talent, custom-written messages, and audio players. Auto-attendant and voicemail messaging are still extremely important, and when it comes to reaching your callers, you should always aim for the highest-quality messaging and recording. InTouch can help you polish up your phone communications, connect with more callers, and bring in more patients.

If you’d like to know more, give us a call today at (877) 493-9003!