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On-Hold Program

Putting callers on hold is inevitable in a busy dental practice. So why not use that time to educate them about all your services? At InTouch, we work with you to create custom messaging that’s knowledgeable, insightful, and tailored specifically to your practice. Our programs showcase your services and why you’re the best choice for dental care.

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A Special Value for ADA Members

As the only on-hold vendor endorsed by ADA Member Advantage, we’re proud to offer a special value to ADA members. ADA members receive $300 off their custom on-hold program. Call today at (877) 493-9003 to claim your discount and get started.


Join Flex Plus and Make Unlimited Changes to Your Program

Flex Plus allows you to make unlimited changes to your program for one low annual fee. With Flex Plus you get:

Unlimited message changes

Unlimited music changes

Unlimited short programs (such as monthly promotions or seasonal programs)

Our monthly e-newsletter that features timely message suggestions that your peers are requesting directly from our scriptwriters

The Flex Plus Plan does not cover legal business name changes/auto-attendant changes/voicemail changes or connecting messages.

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Message Playing Equipment Included

With every on-hold program, we include the equipment you’ll need to play your program on your phone system. Our expert team will work with you to determine what kind of player you’ll need—or if you’ll need one at all—so you can start playing your new messages as soon as possible.

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Why Choose Us

We create longer programs for deeper engagement. Our programs run for up to 16 minutes long, giving your callers an array of messages that pique their interest and deepen their trust in you.

We have the space to add more messages to your program. Every time a patient calls your practice, they’re more likely to hear something different and learn about services or products they didn’t know you offered—and make more appointments because of them.

We’re dental experts. You don’t have to take the time to teach our team about your services. We’re experts in all the dental specialties and we know the questions people are asking. We’ll help you become an authority and give them the answers!

We understand your needs and what your patients want to hear. We’re specialists in marketing for the dental industry. We know what to say and how to say it to make your practice shine and show your callers why you’re their best and only choice for dental care.

Support (FAQs)

Will I have to write the script myself?

Nope. You’ll work with your talented scriptwriter, who is an expert in all things dentistry and does all the dotting of I’s and crossing of T’s for you.

How long does it take to get my completed programs?

Once your order is placed and your completed questionnaire is received, your scriptwriter will reach out to you to complete a one-on-one interview to get to know more about you and your practice. We work to have the first draft of your script ready for you to review within a week of your interview. Your scriptwriter will work with you to edit and adjust the first draft to your liking, and won't stop until you’re satisfied. Once the script is finalized and approved by you, we can record and edit your script and send the completed on-hold programs to you within 10 to 15 business days.

Will my program work with my VOIP system?

Yes! We’ll help you get the right information from your VOIP provider so we can format the programs correctly.

How do I make edits to my program once it's playing?

Simply call or email us with any changes at any time, and we’ll have your new programs written and recorded in no time at all.

How much do changes cost?

Changes are usually charged a la carte, but when you join Flex Plus, you’ll enjoy unlimited changes to your script for one low fee of $399 a year. The Flex Plus Plan does not cover legal business name changes/auto-attendant changes/voicemail changes or connecting messages.

I've received my USB Message Player, now what?

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