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Veterinary practices are not stagnant. They grow and evolve constantly, meaning your message on-hold program needs to change, too. Instead of paying for every individual change, we’re offering something better. Our Flex Plus program allows you to make unlimited changes to your messages and music for one affordable annual fee.

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Benefits of Flex Plus

Make unlimited changes to your messages and music for no additional cost.

Keep your program up to date with the latest services and offerings so callers can take advantage by making more appointments.

Receive our monthly Flex Plus newsletter featuring valuable information on trending on-hold topics and other industry insights.

Work with us to create unlimited short programs for seasonal or limited time promotions.

Save money by paying one annual fee for all changes vs. paying for every little change.

Save money and grow your practice. Get Flex Plus for message on-hold.

The Value of Flex Plus

Membership programs can sometimes go unnoticed and untouched as we get on with our busy lives and forget about them. We don't want that to happen with your Flex Plus membership. That's why we send out a monthly Flex Plus e-newsletter filled with easy ideas and topical information that we can add to your script. We’re determined to show you the value an updated telephone message on-hold program can bring to your bottom line. Don't just take our word for it. In time, you'll notice more callers asking about what they heard while on hold. We know how to write the messages to get people thinking. It’s why we are the veterinary industry standard for telephone message on-hold.

Need to make a change?

It’s easy. You’ll be assigned a scriptwriter who will work with you to understand all of your practice’s needs. Simply call or email them with any edits and we’ll get to work changing your script, re-recording it, and sending it you to upload to your player in no time at all.