Design Your Telephone On-Hold Messaging for COVID-19

Share New Protocols for Curbside Pickup

Update Hours & Availability

Introduce New Benefits like Telemedicine


Create Your COVID-19 Message On-Hold Program in Just 3 Easy Steps

In just 3 easy steps you can build a custom 6-message COVID-19 On-Hold Program for your practice. We’ll engineer the program and mail it to you in a few days so you can start communicating right away to clients with the most up-to-date, relevant information to help them keep their pets happy and healthy.

Simply fill out your information and choose 6 messages to get started!

Step 1 – Contact Information

Please fill out your name, practice, and email below. You will receive the file for your COVID-19 Program to the practice address on file.

Step 2 – Select Your Messages

Below you’ll find different messages that we know are working well with practices similar to yours to communicate important information to pet owners during the pandemic. Select up to 6 messages to be included in your program. We have chosen easy-listening music to accompany your choices for the perfect COVID-19 Message On-Hold Program.

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Step 3 – Payment

This COVID-19 program is available through April 20, 2020 for only $150 ($600 value). We are offering this exclusive opportunity to you because we value your business and care about the mission you and your staff are fulfilling. We’re here to help you during this uncertain time however we can. We’re all in this together.

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