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This month's messages about Halloween candy, bad breath, TMJ, and more were crafted by sampling what the most successful dentists are using right now to grow their practice.

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A Treat or a Trick for Your Teeth?

Pick this message to remind callers to indulge responsibly in Halloween candy.

Banish Bad Breath

Share tips to help callers fight bad breath and encourage regular appointments.

Don't Let TMJ Hijack Your Health

Add this message to your program to encourage callers to schedule a consultation to speak with a doctor regarding TMJ concerns.

CEREC Crowns: One-Visit Wonders

Promote the benefits and ease of CEREC one-visit porcelain restorations with this Quick Add message.

Nourishing Your Child's Smile for a Lifetime

Use this message to educate parents on the impact of a balanced diet on their children's teeth.

Teeth as White as Snow

Encourage teeth whitening appointments for the holiday season with this Quick Add.

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