Certifications: we let our creds do the talking


Why it's a big deal

If you're going to invest time and money in a partnership with a digital marketing agency, that agency better have the credentials to back up its claims. We've heard the same story from too many clients: They don't feel heard, or they feel like their needs aren't really being met. At InTouch, we don't believe in "good enough." We always look for new ways to hone our collective expertise and take our work to the next level--to give you and your practice the attention, and results, you deserve.

We're a Google Partner

Not just anyone can be a Google Partner. Only Google Ads experts can get the Google Partner badge, which demonstrates their Search Advertising prowess. At InTouch, our skill with paid ads has helped countless clients skyrocket to the top of Google search and maintain a commanding position over their competitors. In addition, we're keyword strategy wizards and savvy budget planners, which means you'll get the most bang for your buck.

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Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associates

We're super proud to have multiple Facebook Certified experts on our team. They know exactly what goes into buying ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger, and what strategy each client needs to be wildly successful on these platforms. If you need help establishing your dental practice and are looking for someone who knows all the advertising fundamentals like the back of their hand, you have a whole group of awesome people to choose from!