Email marketing for dentists

With so many people using email to make purchasing decisions, we’re excited to help dental practices like yours take full advantage of the growth potential email marketing offers.

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Why email marketing is so important for your dental practice

Like SEO, SEM and other marketing tools, email is another opportunity for you to grow your dental practice and build a large and loyal patient base. It’s also another way for you to communicate with new and current patients, stay in the back of their minds, and become a trusted dental authority in your location.

Just last year, it was found that roughly 73% of millennials would rather receive business notifications through email, over any other medium. What’s more, virtually everyone (99%) of people check their email inboxes every single day.

How we handle dental email marketing at InTouch

Email marketing is a hefty commitment; managing newsletters and email campaigns is no small feat. InTouch takes on all the grunt work for you, while making sure that everything we produce meets or exceeds your standards.

Customized email copy that gets results

Our team will create compelling custom copy, promotional material, and attention-grabbing subject lines to get more people reading and subscribing to your emails. Our goal is to pique your patients’ interest, then give them a decision to make based off the content of the email (call the practice, fill out a form, learn more by clicking to a blog post, etc.). We also craft our copy to convince more patients to take action, using strategic calls-to-action in the form of buttons or phone numbers.

We’ll strike the right balance between calls-to-action and content to increase viewer engagement, website conversions, and phone calls.

A wide variety of email templates

Together with our skilled graphic designers, we’ll craft attractive, customized, user-friendly email templates that promote your dental practice well and generate more clicks. With our email service provider, we have complete control over the look and feel of our email templates. We offer a wide range of templates to choose from, so our clients can find the template that best suits their practice.

A cost-effective strategy that targets existing customers

Email marketing is extremely cost-effective. You’re contacting people who have already done business with your practice, and they trust you with all their dental needs. When you run paid ads, you’re paying for the opportunity for someone to use your services and products--with email, that transaction has already occurred and the practice/patient partnership already established.

Increasing your brand awareness

With InTouch email marketing, we can help you stay on your patients’ radar. By hitting your customer base using another channel, you can build greater awareness around your practice and stay top of mind. For example, patients can sometimes forget to schedule their dentist appointment--but if they get an email from you, that can jog their memory and prompt them to book their next checkup right away. This can help you increase appointments!

When your patients see that you’re providing them with useful information on a regular basis, they’ll develop greater trust in your authority and expertise. This can encourage them to spread the word about your practice and even refer their family and friends.

Why InTouch should be your go-to for email marketing

Here’s what you can expect when you partner with InTouch:

  • Eye-catching, user-friendly email templates
  • Compelling email copy to maximize engagement, conversions, and appointments
  • A smart, agile team of marketing pros to help you manage and map out your email campaigns and track their performance
  • Detailed reporting that shows how well your campaigns are performing, with plenty of opportunities for adjustment to improve your results
  • Continuous testing of new email design aspects to get more patients visiting your website