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Female dentist talking on the phone with her account manger

What’s an Account Manager, and What’s the Benefit of Having One?

When you choose InTouch to help you with your digital marketing, your account manager is one of the most important people you’ll work with to identify and accomplish your marketing goals. Our account managers are uniquely dedicated to their role of assisting and supporting our dental clients, and we can’t sing their praises enough. But…
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All About Quick Adds

When you need to update your message on-hold program and you need to update it fast, what do you do? InTouch offers a couple of options to help you add, replace, and change your on-hold messages without breaking stride, and Quick Adds is one such option. But what is it, exactly? How do Quick Adds…
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Why Professional Voicemail Recordings & Auto-Attendant Make Your Business Better

As a dental practice, you have a responsibility to your patients to communicate with them as clearly and professionally as possible. The manner in which your practice manages phone calls can say a lot about the quality of your business! Clear, direct communication is essential to your success, and a crucial facet of that communication…
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how to humanize dental staff

Tips for Humanizing Your Dental Team

Your dental practice is a business, but a significant portion of your business is built around being compassionate and empathetic to provide for your patients’ needs. The human connection is just as important in dental care as it is in medical care and other care industries, but sometimes that human feel can get lost in…
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dentist typing on laptop

3 Dentist Blog Topics that Can Benefit Your Practice

It’s great to have a blog on your website, but if it feels stagnant and isn’t getting much attention, you might need to explore better dentist blog topics for future articles. Like your website, your blog is a tool, and it needs to be used correctly to benefit your website and practice. And we have…
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happy dentist

What’s a Flex Plus Subscription, and Why Does Your Dental Practice Need It?

InTouch’s origins are rooted in message on-hold marketing, and we have delivered custom message on-hold programs to thousands of businesses throughout the country. To make updating these programs easier for our busy clients, we offer the Flex Plus subscription plan. So, what’s included in a Flex Plus subscription? Is it worth it? Let’s break things…
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How to Respond to Online Reviews

Businesses love getting reviews, but many are less enthusiastic about responding to reviews, especially when those reviews are lukewarm or negative. But the thing is, responding to reviews is almost as important for your dental practice as getting reviews. It can impact your business in ways you never imagined. Below, we talk about why responding…
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data report

Google My Business Reporting: What to Know About Your New Report

We’re rolling out new and improved Google My Business reporting for our SEO clients. What does this mean for you? Why it is so important? Allow us to explain ourselves and demonstrate the benefits of your new Google My Business report. Why the New Google My Business Report? Our updated Google My Business report shows…
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dentist at keyboard

Hiring Tips 101: Employer Branding Strategies to Attract Top Talent

Is employment a huge focus for your dental practice right now? Then you need hiring tips that will all but guarantee your success at finding the best talent. Tons of businesses have had to rethink their hiring processes and overhaul their branding strategies to capture more employee prospects. If you’re in the same boat, stay…
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SEO black magnifying glass

Fact or Myth:
Will Migrating Your Website Cost You SEO Juice?

There’s a myth floating around that claims migrating your website to a new website provider will deplete your SEO juice. Or is it just a myth? Are you anxious about what will happen to your SEO when you switch over to a new marketing agency? Look at it this way: If you’re placing your digital…
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why you shouldnt use image sliders

Why You Should NEVER Use Image Sliders on Your Website

Have you ever clicked on a website and seen one of those rotating image sliders in the top/hero section of the homepage? Also called a “carousel,” this feature allows you to rotate through multiple images, links, and copy so you can promote a bunch of different things in one spot. At a glance, having sliders…
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5 Organic Facebook Post Ideas for Your Dental Practice

Organic Facebook posts are your secret weapon to succeeding on social media, and guess what? They’re free! Instead of paying someone to create and publish posts to your vet practice’s Facebook profile, consider delegating the task to a social media-savvy member of your team. But what exactly is an organic Facebook post? What’s an Organic…
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