See Your Results in Real Time with Custom SEO Reporting

Get 24/7 access to your customized SEO report

Once you’re invited to review your SEO report, it will always be available to you, from anywhere and at any time. That means you can see exactly how your website is performing--in specific time frames, and on specific devices--whenever you want. All of your data will be updated daily, giving you the latest metrics including the number of visitors to your website, the number of calls to your dental practice, and the number of forms that have been completed on your website.


See your results by custom time frames and device type


View Results by Custom Time Frame

Step 1: Find the date range selector in the upper right-hand corner.
Step 2: Find and select your preferred Start and End dates.
Step 3: Click “Apply.”

View Results by Device Type

Step 1: Find the “Device Category” button in the upper left-hand corner of your dashboard.
Step 2: Select one or more devices that you’d like to see results for.
Step 3: Click “Apply.”


Use our “Website Overview” to review hand-picked metrics

Each SEO report is customized by our experts to show key metrics that are specific to your website. These will provide you with a broader understanding of your website’s performance within the specified date range.

See Your website conversions & where they’re coming from

A conversion is when an individual session on your website ends in an action, such as a click to call or form completion. Naturally, the number of conversions is how many times a session ends in one of these actions. You can see this information on your SEO report under “Conversions,” after selecting a specific date range.


Reviewing your website’s metrics over time can build your success

Viewing your “Website Metrics Over Time” can help us identify patterns in key metrics and conversions on your website. The patterns give us important information that we can use to update your marketing strategies and chart a new course to further improve and optimize your site.

Other marketing solutions to help you dominate your market

Building successful websites is our jam, but it’s not the only thing we do. Many of our clients also look to us for these services: