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You Heard Right – Why Message On-Hold Matters

By intouch

Silence is a wonderful thing. It allows one the ideal environment to clear one’s mind, it means that the kids are finally asleep (better check on them, just in case), and libraries are famous for it. There are, however, a few times when silence is not appreciated. “Does this dress make me look fat?” Silence. …Uh…

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A Reason to Smile: How Custom Telephone Message On Hold Programs Benefit Dental Practices

By KathrynF

Your dental practice provides essential services to people of all ages. You make people’s lives better. It would be a shame to lose business simply because you’re not taking advantage of the opportunities telephone message on hold has to offer. At InTouch, we’ve spent decades perfecting telephone message on hold for dental practices around the…

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4 Reasons to Keep Your Dental Telephone Message On-Hold Programs Updated

By Lisa Gulick

All dental practices change and grow over time. They add new services, lose staff members and gain new ones, open additional locations, and experience a variety of other developments. With all of this going on, it’s absolutely essential to keep your patients in the know. At InTouch, we pride ourselves on offering premier custom on-hold…

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Silence Isn’t Golden

By Tani Fisk

What do your patients hear when they are placed on hold at your dental office? Silence? A staticky radio? Music streaming from an MP3 player or satellite music? If you’re doing any of the above, you probably haven’t put too much thought into what you’re playing on hold and how it affects your listener. You…

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