How Message On-Hold Can Promote Your Services and Why You Need It

Websites, ads, and social media posts aren’t the only ways to promote and grow your dental practice. The power of message on-hold as a marketing tool should not be taken for granted. Your marketing strategy should always include on hold messaging to promote your practice and services. While it’s not ideal to put a patient on hold, it’s not always avoidable. And the time a patient spends on the line could be used to advertise your business and educate them about what you offer.

If you do not currently use message on-hold for your dental practice, stick with us to learn a bit more about what it is, how it works, and why it’s a valuable asset to your practice marketing.

What is Message On-Hold?

It’s a medium of communication that utilizes your phone system to advertise and promote various aspects of your dental practice to callers. Instead of music, message on-hold programs give people important information about your business, and help to generate interest in what you offer and so you can book more appointments.

How to Promote Services in Your Message On-Hold Program

Looking to promote specific services? There are several ways you can do it in your program.

Create a messages around individual services

An obvious and simple way to increase awareness of and interest in one (or more) of your services is to craft a message about it. State what that service is and how it works. If you would rather not write your messages yourself, you can work with a marketing agency experienced in message on-hold to create your custom messages for you. Working with professionals ensures that your messages are compelling, educational, and structured to be compatible with your phone system.

Present your service(s) as a solution to a dental problem

Use your message on-hold program to empathize with peoples’ common oral health problems. Tender gums? Chipped tooth? Overbite? Some of your callers are going to have these or other issues, and if you offer services that can resolve them, don’t miss an opportunity to let your callers know. Be they new or established patients, knowing you can help with their problems will get them interested in your practice and give them confidence to set up an appointment.

Promote with a special or discount you’re currently offering

Does your dental practice do seasonal specials on certain services or offer new patient discounts? Message on-hold is a great way to promote this, and get new or established patients asking questions and scheduling appointments. Everyone likes to save, so make sure your custom message on-hold program sheds light on your special offers. Just be sure to include the deadline in your message so you’re not misleading any of your callers.

Why You Need to Invest in Message On-Hold

Message on-hold is another opportunity for your dental practice to reach new patients and hold onto existing patients. Whether you’re promoting a service, new hours, or an accomplished team member, these messages can inform, educate, and inspire action. Message on-hold is also another way to communicate to patients, so you can put them at ease and prevent confusion and misunderstanding. You can become a reliable, trusted source in your local market and secure an advantage over other dental practices in the area that are not using message on-hold.

Work with Marketing Professionals for Your On-Hold Needs

You and your team should stay focused on running your dental practice and taking care of patients. Want to use on-hold messaging to help your practice grow? Partner with marketing experts who understand it from top to bottom and have decades of experience helping businesses like yours succeed.

At InTouch, we have professional writers and voice talent to craft your custom message on-hold scripts for you. First we get to know your practice and what you offer, and learn about what sets you apart from your competitors. Then we get to work writing your messages, while remaining in contact with you to ensure they meet your standards. Find out more about message on-hold with InTouch by calling us at (877) 493-9003 today.