Why Your Meet the Team Page Isn’t Just About Your Practice

Having a Meet the Team page on your dental website is a great way to promote all the amazing people who make your practice special. But this page serves other important purposes, too–it’s not just about you, it’s about your patients, and how your team can serve their needs better than any other dental practice in the area.

It Can Bring Potential New Patients on Board

Your Meet the Team page can be very beneficial to those who are on the fence about choosing your dental practice. If they’re uncertain about you even after skimming through your homepage to see what you offer, they are likely to make your Meet the Team page their next stop on your website. Meet the Team pages are the second most-visited page on any website, after the homepage. They account for roughly 11% of a website’s page views. This is pretty significant, and goes to show that if you have a Meet the Team page, prospective patients (and established patients) will be looking at it.

So how does this page help new patients?

First, it allows them to gain insight into your dental practice. By viewing a photo and reading about one of your dental assistants or hygienists before coming in, they can see a friendly face that doesn’t feel so unfamiliar, and this will make the patient feel more comfortable about going to your office.

Second, it can help to dispel some uncertainty and anxiety for patients who hate going to the dentist. Knowing the names and faces behind your brand can give the patient a little more confidence, so their first visit with you won’t feel so much like a first visit. In any new situation and environment, people will naturally feel more secure when they see a face they recognize.

Gain a Patient’s Trust Before They Walk in the Door

When reaching out to potential new patients, you always want to send the message that your practice is a place they can trust. Your Meet the Team page is just one (vital) part of trust-building that can show people who will be taking care of them. This can help them imagine what it will be like for them to be treated at your practice.

Because so many people hate the dentist and associate it with pain and anxiety, it’s important to use your Meet the Team page to show smiling, friendly faces and give visitors to your site a sense of safety and security. Custom photos and bios of your team members will help you achieve that. You can also go the extra step and format your team’s bios showing questions and answers, and include some fun facts to make their bios more interesting and relatable.

Be All About the Patient, While Talking About Yourself

But beyond being fun and relatable, you’ll want to give patients an even greater sense of certainty about choosing your practice above all others. Quotes from individual dentists and other staff can reach new patients in ways a smiling photo can’t.

We recommend quotes that cut to the heart of things. Have your team members share why they’re so passionate about dental care and helping others, and what they find most rewarding about their work.

Are they motivated by restoring their patients’ confidence and making them smile? Do they feel gratified when a young patient tells them they’re no longer afraid of the dentist? Whatever kind of quotes your team members provide, they should give new patients insight into who you are and how you can help them. Again, your goal here is to focus on the patient, even while your content speaks about your team members’ skills, experience, and interests.

Additional Content You Can Add to Your Meet the Team Page

Aside from head shot photos and bios, what other things are people going to look for when they visit your page? Interaction photos can effectively help new patients envision themselves at your office, and give them an idea of how your team takes care of its patients.

Listing out your team members’ credentials can also boost your credibility and trustworthiness with new patients, who may feel that by choosing you, they’re choosing a dentist with a stellar reputation. We recommend keeping these brief, however, and focusing more on how you can personally benefit patients and their families.

Reviews from satisfied patients can also increase your standing in the eyes of new patients, especially if the review refers specifically to a certain team member and offers details about their experience. For example: “Amy the hygienist was very attentive and made sure I was comfortable the whole time,” or “The assistant held my hand during the procedure, so I wasn’t as stressed.”

Optimize It

To draw more attention to your Meet the Team page, you’ll need to make sure it’s been fully optimized to rank higher. This includes optimizing the top header (H1), the title tag and meta description on the back end, optimizing any photos on the page with alt text, and including the necessary keyword(s) in any body content you have on the page. It’s important that the keywords are integrated seamlessly into the page content for easy reading and viewing.

Again, because the Meet the Team page is the second most important page on your website, it’s crucial to keep it up to date and optimized. For additional pull, direct visitors who land on your homepage to view your Meet the Team page with a strategically placed link.


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