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Need support for message on-hold?

We can help! Our goal is to provide all the tools you need to be successful, and support for those tools is part of the package. We’ve included some of the most frequently asked questions below about our message on-hold services, but if you have questions about anything else, we’re only a phone call away.

Script/Program FAQs

How do I transfer the digital files to my player?

How much is it to update my programs after I’ve received them?
With our Flex Plus Plan, you can make unlimited updates to your program with just one annual fee. Without Flex Plus, you’ll pay for each change a la carte.

How do I update my programs?
Simply send an email to scriptwriting@intouchvet.com and attach your most recent scripts with your changes clearly marked (otherwise, we might not find them all!).

Digital Player FAQs

Do the players come with a warranty?
They sure do! Our state-of-the-art players are user-friendly and come with a 5-year manufacturer warranty.

Can I access the manual online?
Yup! Here it is!

How do I adjust the volume of the message on-hold player?
Adjust the volume by running the knob labeled “VOLUME” on the rear of the unit. Turn the knob clockwise to turn the volume up and counter-clockwise to turn the volume down.

What does a blinking status light mean?
A blinking status light means that there is no audio on the player or the USB flash drive is not inserted correctly.

Do I insert the RCA cable into the 8Ω or 600Ω?
It depends on phone system’s electrical impedance. We always suggest using the 8Ω first. If that doesn’t work, move to the 600Ω.

Can I use my own flash drive?
You sure can, but make sure the memory is at least 8 MB. We also send a complimentary flash drive with every purchase, yet many clients opt to buy additional flash drives.

Why would I need the 1/8” adapter that’s included with the player?
If the included RCA cable does not fit into the message on-hold port of your phone system, try attaching the included 1/8” adapter to the end of the RCA cable. Then, connect it to the necessary message on-hold port of the phone system.

Flex Plus Plan

What is Flex Plus?
Learn about Flex Plus here.

Full Music Library

Where can I listen to your on-hold music library?
Listen to all our music here

How do I make my music selection?
Simply email us your music selection at scriptwriting@intouchvet.com. Please include which program you’d like the music to go with, or tell us all of them. If you can’t decide which music to choose, just ask us to pick for you! Our scriptwriters and audio engineers have impeccable musical tastes.