How to Get More Google Reviews

Google reviews are highly prized by businesses of all stripes, and it’s easy to see why. The more Google reviews your dental practice has, the better. A study from BrightLocal found that “On average, consumers require a business to have 40 online reviews before they believe its average star rating.” Tough crowd!

But getting those reviews might feel like an uphill battle. What’s the secret? Below, we touch on several easy and effective methods you can use both online and offline to get more Google reviews.

Ask Your Patients After They’ve had a Good Visit

It’s pretty simple. When a patient stops at the front desk on their way out, ask them about their experience. If they give a positive response, you can follow up by asking if they could take a moment to write a quick Google review about their experience, and be sure to let them know how easy it is to do! You can explore different ways to word this request with your team members to ensure that it flows naturally and doesn’t feel forced. If you’re assured that the patient had a positive experience, asking for a review shouldn’t feel awkward or presumptuous; it should feel like the logical thing to do.

Integrate a Google Review Request into Your Follow-Up Calls

When making follow-up calls to your patients, in addition to asking how they’re doing and how they felt about their experience, you can also use this conversation to ask for a Google review. Similar to the in-person conversation, it’s important to confirm that the patient is satisfied before making the request. And as always, be prepared to walk the patient through the process if they ask you how to leave a review.

Include Your Google Reviews Link in Emails and Invoices

If your dental practice regularly sends out emails and/or newsletters, be sure to include a prominent link leading to your Google Reviews page. You can also add a link and a call out into your invoice template, where patients will be sure to see it.

Ask for Reviews with Social Media Posts

This goes beyond Google reviews, since social media platforms like Facebook use their own review system, but you can still add a link and direct people to your Google MyBusiness profile to leave a review there.

Have social media-savvy members of your team craft fun, friendly posts on social media promoting and requesting feedback from your patients. It’s easy to generate a lively group conversation on social media (which you can’t do through email or a phone call), especially if your dental practice already has a sizable social media following that allows you to reach a larger audience.

Want to Learn More About Pulling in Google Reviews?

We’d be happy to show you some examples of how to ask for, and get, more Google reviews from your patients. We can help you craft the right messaging and access a wealth of marketing tools to support your endeavor. Get InTouch today by calling (877) 493-9003!