Why You Need to Start Doing Video Marketing for Your Dental Office

Attention is an even more precious commodity today than it’s probably ever been before. In our era of short attention spans, being able to catch someone’s eye and hold their focus for more than a few seconds is a major accomplishment. With video marketing, you have a much higher chance of grabbing the attention of viewers and keeping them riveted. You don’t have to look around to know that video is everywhere, and if your dental office has a mind towards growth, you’ll make this medium of communication a fixture in your marketing.

Let’s look into how video marketing benefits your dental office, and then we’ll talk about what kinds of videos you can create to promote your brand.

Why You Need to Start Doing Video Marketing for Your Dental Office

4 Benefits of Using Video Marketing

Video marketing benefits your dental office in 4 important ways.

Video Can Increase Your Website Conversions

People like watching videos. It’s that simple. With YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, and other platforms jostling for more viewers and more content, it’s obvious that videos are vital to today’s internet users. A study by the Aberdeen Group found that businesses using video marketing on their websites garnered 34% higher web conversion rates than businesses that didn’t.

Video Allows You to Communicate Things More Clearly

Instead of trying to educate your patients by giving them handouts or having them read walls of text on a website, you can use video in some instances to communicate important information. This can include how-to videos on proper brushing and flossing, or how to preserve a tooth that recently got knocked out. The sky’s the limit--if you have information you think your patients should know and you have the ability to present it in a video format, you should go for it!

Video Lends Personality and Relatability to Your Dental Office

Text on a screen isn’t the worst way to present your dental office to the public, especially if it is written well. However, you can connect much more deeply with patients if you use video to give a face and a voice to your brand. People like to see the folks that might be providing them with their dental care, and seeing your team in action could help to put their minds at ease. Custom video also gives your dental office and team an opportunity to show their awesome personalities, lending depth and a more relatable feel to your business.

Video Can Get More People in the Door

This is the culmination of all the benefits listed above. If you can appeal to people in your market, communicate clearly, and increase your web conversions, that can result in more patients coming in to receive your services.

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Video Marketing Ideas for Your Dental Office

So, what kinds of videos should you make for your dental office? You’ll have plenty of options, but we can help you get started with a few ideas.

Here are some ideas for videos your team can create to promote your dental office:

Video Testimonials from Your Patients

You can never have too many testimonials from satisfied dental patients. If you have any long-time patients who regularly refer friends and family to your office, ask them if they’d like to do a video testimonial! You might be surprised how many would say yes to the offer. Video testimonials are a great way to build trust and attract more new patients.

Bite-Sized, Educational Videos to Share on Social Media

Want to answer frequently-asked questions in a more interesting way? Create short and sweet videos for social media to answer common questions! You can also do educational how-to videos and offer helpful dental-related tips for your audience. Video content is more memorable and will hold your audience’s attention much more effectively than simple text.

Office Tour Videos

You can give potential new patients a virtual tour of your dental office with a walk-through video so they can see what to expect when they visit. Some dental offices even film staff interactions with patients; just make sure to ask permission from your team and your patients before filming them! Another aspect of your office you can share via video is your awesome dental technology. Don’t be shy about showing off your advanced tech and showing your audience how it works.

Interviews with Your Team

Having one or more of your doctors speaking about the kind of services they provide and the environment they strive to create at your office can lend a more personal touch to your business. And for people who might be on the fence about making an appointment with you, seeing members of your team speaking and possibly addressing common patient concerns could help them to feel more at ease, and give them the confidence to reach out and become a new patient.

A Hero Video for Your Website

A hero video is a video located at the top of your website’s homepage. It should be the first thing people see when they land on your website, and it should highlight all the best things about your dental office. Have great technology and a beautiful facility? Show them off. In addition to promoting your dental office, your hero video can also keep people on your website longer, and possibly encourage them to call or book an appointment.

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Get Video Marketing with InTouch

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