What’s a Flex Plus Subscription, and Why Does Your Dental Practice Need It?

InTouch’s origins are rooted in message on-hold marketing, and we have delivered custom message on-hold programs to thousands of businesses throughout the country. To make updating these programs easier for our busy clients, we offer the Flex Plus subscription plan.

So, what’s included in a Flex Plus subscription? Is it worth it? Let’s break things down.

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What Perks Does Our Flex Plus Subscription Offer?

Getting a Flex Plus subscription gives you access to a variety of features and resources to help you manage your message on-hold programs with greater ease and confidence.

Key features of a Flex Plus subscription include:

  • Unlimited Message and Music Changes

    This is self-explanatory, but we love promoting it! With Flex Plus, you can request as many message on-hold script and music changes as you want, whenever you want. Making changes to your program should be easy, efficient, and stress-free, so keep this valuable perk in mind if you’re on the fence about upgrading to Flex Plus.

  • The Ability to Make Short Subject Programs

    Life has a way of throwing curveballs. COVID is a prime example, and many practices had to scramble to update their protocols and communicate these changes to their patients. Flex Plus enables dental practices to create short, standalone message on-hold programs free of charge! Whether it’s COVID-related or promotional, you can feel assured that if something comes up and you need to write a short subject program, quick, you can do just that at no cost with Flex Plus.

  • A Monthly Newsletter with Several Trending Topics to Choose From

    We send out a newsletter to our message on-hold clients promoting a new batch of Quick Adds each month. These Quick Adds are popular topics for dental practices to promote in their on-hold programs, and can make it easier for your team to come up with ideas on what to promote to callers. These topics typically focus on industry holidays, trends, valuable common-sense tips, seasonal events and promotions, and more.

    One of the great things about Quick Adds is that they are pre-recorded, so they can be added to your program with super quick turnaround.

  • Free Tech Support

    If you ever have questions or have a technical issue with your program or message player, you can reach out to us during our business hours for support at no cost.

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Benefits of Having a Flex Plus Subscription

A Flex Plus subscription is a wise investment for busy dental practices who want to stay on top of their message on-hold marketing.

Some the core benefits of a Flex Plus subscription include:

  • It Makes Things Easy

    A Flex Plus subscription makes it extremely easy for you to request and make changes to your on-hold messages. There’s no waiting around for updates and wondering when your changes will be completed.

  • It Saves You Time

    A Flex Plus subscription streamlines the process of making program changes, and gives you a variety of program topics to choose from so your team can avoid pouring too much time and energy into digging around for topics to discuss and promote.

  • It Gives You Peace of Mind

    Having a Flex Plus subscription will give you peace of mind about managing your on-hold programs. You’ll have the certainty of knowing your requested changes or new programs will take priority and be sent back to you within a few short business days.

Get More Out of Your On-Hold Marketing with a Flex Plus Subscription

A Flex Plus subscription is a valuable investment in your dental practice’s message on-hold marketing. It simplifies and expedites the process of making program changes or creating new programs altogether, and you have the support of an attentive marketing team that stands ready to respond to your requests and assist you in every way possible.

InTouch has spent decades refining message on-hold marketing, and the Flex Plus subscription is one of the best features of this service.

To learn more about Flex Plus and how it can completely upgrade your message on-hold efforts, reach out to us today at (877) 493-9003!