5 SEO Tips to Help Your Website Rank for Dental Implants

There are several ways you can help your dental practice rank for certain high-value services. If you’re looking to increase revenue and bring in more patients for dental implants, consider a marketing strategy that focuses on search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is a vital part of any marketing strategy because it can help your dental practice get the attention of a larger online audience, and it can make you more competitive in your local market.

Here are a few ways SEO can be used to help your website rank for dental implants.

Use SEO to Optimize Your Website for Dental Implants

Your website is the most important place online to promote your dental practice. It can be optimized to:

  • Reach the top of the Google Search results page
  • Drive more website traffic
  • Increase phone calls and appointments
  • Increase business for certain services

“Dental implants” is a highly-searched keyword, with about 165,000 searches per month. Due to its popularity, we strongly recommend having a page on your website that’s exclusively about dental implants. “Dental implants” should be the primary keyword that you use on this page, but it needs to be used strategically and with other, secondary supporting keywords, and you also need to include your town or city in certain areas of the content as well.


Web page about dental implants.


The H1, or main header of the page, should include “dental implants” and the name of the town or city and state in which your practice is located. For example, your page’s H1 could be, “Offering Life-Changing Dental Implants in Highland, IN.”

Furthermore, you’ll need to strategically sprinkle your keyword and location throughout the page content to help the page rank better in Google Search. The goal is to integrate these into the content without making the content itself sound awkward and clunky. Google knows when a page is stuffing in too many keywords and making the content more difficult to read, and this can count against you and actually hurt your overall Google Search rank.

Create Blog Articles that Link to Your Dental Implants Page

A blog is an excellent way to improve your website’s SEO, but you can also use it to help your website rank for specific keywords, like “dental implants.” But you don’t want your blog article to compete with your dental implants web page. Your blog article (or articles) should address conditions and common problems that can be associated with implant dentistry. They should also include calls-to-action to encourage people to learn more on your website, and more importantly, call your practice.

Optimize Your Google My Business Listing

You can also use your Google My Business (GMB) profile to help your website rank for dental implants. Include dental implants in your list of services in the services section of your GMB. Follow that up with a short description (with the keyword) to improve its ranking potential.

Along with listing the service, you can even include photos that show what your dental implants look like. Be sure to name the photo files using the pertinent keywords (“dental implants” and the name of your town or city).

Google Reviews also play an important role in helping your practice rank on Google. If you recently provided some patients with dental implants and they were satisfied with their experience and results, ask them to write a Google Review. More reviews can increase your search rank, and they can encourage new and established patients to come to your practice for dental implants.

Create Google Ad Campaigns Around Implant Dentistry

Google Ads offers pay-per-click advertising, which you can use to build awareness of both your practice, and your dental implant services. Google Ads campaigns essentially pay for themselves, and you can revise your ad content at any time and run your ads at certain times of day to reach a wider audience. When crafting ad campaigns, you want to make sure you’re using “dental implants” in your copy to help you rank.

Promote on Social Media and Drive Traffic to Your Website

Dentist talking with patient about dental implants.

Don’t forget your social media channels. Social media offers additional citations for your dental practice, which can help with your local rankings, provide external links that direct more people to your website, and generate more website traffic.

Create Facebook posts featuring before-and-after photos and the benefits of choosing implants over dentures. Include a link that directs to your website for people to learn more and call your practice. You can share patient testimonials, too, and even create posts that answer your most frequently asked questions. These are just some ideas to help you generate more awareness and interest in your dental implant services.

Elevate Your Google Search Ranking with InTouch

You don’t need to fully understand SEO in order to make it work for your dental practice. At InTouch, we’ll do the strategizing and analyzing for you–but we can also teach you a few things and show you the remarkable value of SEO. To get the details, call us today at (877) 493-9003.