5 Organic Facebook Post Ideas for Your Dental Practice

Organic Facebook posts are your secret weapon to succeeding on social media, and guess what? They’re free! Instead of paying someone to create and publish posts to your vet practice’s Facebook profile, consider delegating the task to a social media-savvy member of your team.

But what exactly is an organic Facebook post?

What’s an Organic Facebook Post?

Organic Facebook posts are posts created by people within your practice, and which feature all the things that make your practice unique. You could say they’re “homegrown” posts, authentic and completely personal to your dental practice.

Facebook Posts vs. Facebook Ads

Before you start crafting content, remember that Facebook posts and Facebook ads are two totally different things. It’s easy to mix them up! Ads are meant to get your page in the feeds of people who are not currently following your dental practice. It’s essentially brand awareness. Oh, and there’s a fee for putting out ads.

With Facebook posts, you’re publishing content for your page only, and your posts will only show up in the feeds of people who are already following your page.

Types of Organic Facebook Posts to Create

When it comes to generating your own Facebook post content, the sky’s the limit! Obviously, your goal with any post is to generate engagement with your followers, but there are all kinds of directions you can take with your post topics.

Here are some suggestions to get the ideas flowing for your organic Facebook posts:

1. Posts About Your Team Members

People want to know what you’re up to. You can post about events taking place at the practice and involving team members, including welcoming new team members, farewell parties, birthdays, etc. Reveal fun facts about your team, or have them share what they love most about working in dentistry. Share a video of your team interacting and having fun!

You can also spotlight different team members and their accomplishments. If a team member is involved with a relevant non-profit or has done something else noteworthy, be proud and make a post about it!

2. Posts About Your Patients (with Their Permission)

If you have any patients that have been coming to you for 10 years or more, consider featuring them in a “then vs. now” post. This type of post can be heartwarming, but it also speaks to the loyalty your practice inspires in clients, and the quality of dental care you provide. It’s always fun to welcome new patients, too, and help them feel appreciated right off the bat.

You can also do before and after photos to show off a patient’s amazing results. Again, be sure to ask the patient for their permission before sharing any photos or videos of them on your Facebook page (or anywhere else). We recommend having them sign a photo/media release form.

3. Create Posts that Educate and Help Your Followers

Share infographics, links, or create 2-minute videos featuring one of your dentists that provide your followers with important information. Give tips, offer product recommendations, provide how-to demonstrations, raise awareness, and answer commonly-asked questions to help educate people and increase your authority in the dental space.

We recommend doing videos whenever possible. Video is an extremely popular medium on social media.

4. Post About Local or National Events

Posting about events or holidays can unite people on your Facebook page and encourage interaction.

Is your team gearing up for the next solar eclipse? Make a post showing your whole team donning their eclipse glasses. Want to do something holiday-related?

Share photos or videos that show off your Halloween or Christmas decorations. Create a post that shows your practice rallying around a local or national sports team.

You can relate with your followers in many different ways, not just through dental care, so take a look at what’s going on in your city, state, or elsewhere for ideas.

5. Make a Post About Something That’s Trending

Whether it’s a popular movie franchise, TV show, song, or meme, pop culture offers a wide variety of Facebook post topics to choose from. Just make sure to keep it fun and family-friendly! People love seeing references to their favorite shows, movies, etc., and are more likely to engage with your post if it involves something they’re interested in.

Why Organic Facebook Posts are Better

It’s simply the truth—the best possible content you can post on Facebook is photos, videos, and stories from inside your practice. What makes these posts so much better than those created by an external source?

They Help You Connect with Your Followers

Organic posts have an authenticity about them that shows the human side of dentistry, and contrasts with the cold, sterile feel that many people might associate with a dental office.

Showing the “face” behind your brand, literally, will help you connect with your followers, and demonstrate that there are flesh and blood people behind the logo. This can help people feel more trust in your practice and your team, and it can make them feel less nervous about coming in for regular teeth cleanings and other dental services.

They Reveal a Side to Your Practice that Only You Can Show

Outsourcing your Facebook post creation limits the kinds of posts you can have on your page, because the person creating them will not know your practice like you do, and they won’t have access to the images, videos, stories, and experiences you might want to share.

They Make You More Trustworthy

Authentic content lends credibility and trustworthiness to your dental practice, and it makes you seem more human to your followers, which is essential to building trust. Facebook posts created by your team feel more genuine and sincere, especially when they offer up helpful advice or address common patient concerns. It shows that you’re listening to them.

Compare a dental practice that publishes a generic dental care post with a stock image once a month to a practice that publishes fun organic posts several times a week. At a glance, which one would you be more likely to trust?

Start Getting More Out of Your Organic Facebook Posts

The more effort your team puts into Facebook post content, the more engagement you’ll get from your followers. This can also translate into more patients for your dental practice and more revenue–so the time you spend will be worth it. For more tips and ideas to help with the creation of organic Facebook posts, get InTouch by calling (877) 493-9003.