3 Dentist Blog Topics that Can Benefit Your Practice

It’s great to have a blog on your website, but if it feels stagnant and isn’t getting much attention, you might need to explore better dentist blog topics for future articles. Like your website, your blog is a tool, and it needs to be used correctly to benefit your website and practice. And we have to say, writing about certain topics can have an undeniably positive effect on both.

To start, we are going to address the fundamental trait that all of your dental blog topics need to have in order to be included on your website. 

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The Fundamental Trait of Every Dentist Blog Topic

First things first—before we talk about specific dentist blog topics, we need to discuss the broader, over-arching trait that makes a topic worthy of being included on your website.


The trait in question is “relevance,” or being actively searched for regularly and at a higher relative volume than other topics. In other words, you need to choose dentist blog topics that relate to things people are searching for every day on Google.

Pulling a topic out of a hat will yield mixed results at best, but by writing about things people are typing into search engines right now, you are offering answers to pressing questions and therefore providing value to the individuals asking those questions. This ups your chances of being seen right away in Google Search and getting people to visit your website.

In order to find valuable dentist blog topics, keyword research is necessary. This will show you which keywords are being used most often in search engines.

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Specific Dentist Blog Topics Your Website Needs to Cover

Your dental practice’s blog is fertile ground for helping your website rank and draw in new patients.

Here are some of the most relevant dentist blog topics we recommend:

  • Topic 1: What to Expect During a Dental Exam

    The keyword “dental exam” gets about 8,100 searches per month in the US. In writing about this topic, you can relate it to other services you provide at your dental practice and add links in your blog post that lead readers to other pages on your website. By interlinking to and from your blog, you can help various pages on your website rank better in Google Search.

  • Topic 2: The Do’s and Don’ts After You Have a Tooth Extraction

    “Tooth extraction” has an extremely high search volume of 110,000 searches per month. As with other dentist blog topics, you can use this topic to link to other service pages as needed (for example, if you have a page dedicated to tooth extractions, you can link to that page from your blog post).

  • Topic 3: X Helpful Tips for Dealing with Dental Anxiety

    Millions of people deal with dental anxiety, and the keyword “dental anxiety” gets about 5,400 searches every month. It’s a relevant topic, and one that can help you build a bridge to more new patients.

    A lot of people are looking for a dentist who can assuage their fears and make getting dental care a less stressful affair. Position your practice as a place that understands these fears and has the ability to help. You can build trust with potential customers this way and gain more patients.

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What’s So Beneficial About These Dentist Blog Topics?

When you write about dentist blog topics that relate to widely-searched keywords and key phrases, everyone wins—your practice, and your potential and existing patients.

Here are several reasons why we recommend these dentist blog topics:

  • They Present Your Practice as an Authority in Dentistry

    Providing pertinent dental information that answers widely-asked questions by the public can make you the go-to source for all things dentistry. As a dental authority, people will trust you to provide them with the information they need. This, in turn, can encourage them to take action and contact you for an appointment.

  • They Increase Traffic to Your Website

    The more traffic you can pull in to your dental website, the greater your chances of getting more clicks, calls, appointments, and patients. Simply put, if one of your dentist blog topics pops up high on the first Google Search results page, a lot more people are going to see it and click.

  • They Help Your Dental Practice Stand Out

    The market is highly competitive, and you need to take extra steps to set your practice apart. Maintaining a blog that touches on highly-searched topics and keywords is an excellent way to stand head and shoulders above your competitors. It also demonstrates your authority and desire to help people, and it generates greater awareness of your brand.

Need Ideas for More Intriguing Dentist Blog Topics? Get InTouch.

We’re old hands at generating dentist blog topics to help practices grow their audience and build relationships with more patients. Setting you on the path to success is our goal, and our passion. To connect with our digital marketing team, give us a call today at (877) 493-9003.