How to Promote End-of-Year Dental Benefits to Drive More Business

Like any other business, you want your dental practice to close out the year on a high note. If you’re not satisfied with your numbers and want to get more people in the door, what should you do? We recommend promoting end-of-year dental benefits to your insurance holders. But before we go into how end-of-year insurance benefits your practice, let’s clarify what it actually is.

What’s End-of-Year Insurance?

End-of-year insurance is the insurance money left over that an individual hasn’t used of their allotted yearly insurance spend.

For example, if you have $1500 to spend on dental care but only used $300 the entire year, then you still have $1200 left to spend—and this money won’t roll over to the next year.

Most people have dental insurance, but most people with dental insurance also do not use all of their allotted insurance spend per year. This means your dental practice is missing out on revenue, and your patients may be missing out on important dental services. Therefore, you should be making a push to remind people about their end-of-year dental benefits, so they can get the most bang for their buck and capitalize on the remaining balance.

Ways Your Practice Can Promote End-of-Year Dental Benefits

There are numerous ways you can promote end-of-year dental benefits to your patients. There really aren’t any limits, as long as you have the messaging right and know which platforms will help you get the word out to the most people.

Here are some promotion methods we’d suggest:

Your Website

Websites are meant to be updated, and if you want to promote something, you can add a pop-up or banner to your website that alerts patients about their end-of-year dental benefits. Anyone who lands on the site will immediately see your message.

Message On-Hold

If you have a message on-hold program that plays for callers, consider writing up and adding a message about end-of-year benefits. Remind callers about the routine cleaning they might have missed out on, or any other service you offer that’s covered by their dental insurance.


Email is another excellent way to get attention, and what makes it especially effective is that:

  • A majority of email users check their inboxes every single day
  • Your emails are going out to established, loyal patients

Keep the message short and sweet, with an undercurrent of urgency to incite action. Email marketing can help to jog a patient’s memory and make them realize, “Hey, I’ve been putting this off all year. Maybe I should take advantage of my end-of-year insurance.”

Facebook Posts and/or Ads

If your dental practice has an active profile on Facebook, you can make good use of the space by promoting end-of-year dental benefits. It’s entirely up to you whether you want to just publish a few posts to your profile so your followers can see them, or put out some Facebook ads that will show up for followers and non-followers alike.

Google Ads

Google Ads are also a great way to promote end-of-year insurance. You can optimize your ads for wider reach in your local market, and update the ad copy as needed to get better results.

Tell Your Patients in Person

Another tried-and-true marketing tactic is to have your staff talk to patients in person when they’re checking out after an appointment. It’s easier to grab their attention when they’re standing in your office, and their dental care is forefront in their minds.

Why it’s Worthwhile to Promote End-of-Year Insurance

All of the above methods are effective ways to draw more attention to end-of-year insurance and remind your patients that they might still have a sizable amount of insurance spend left over. Everyone wants to get their money’s worth, especially when it comes to dental care. And as a dental practice, you want to improve on last year’s performance and end your fiscal year on the best possible note.

Therefore, promoting end-of-year dental benefits can help to remind your patients about appointments they might have been putting off all year, and get them in the door so they can make good use of their remaining insurance spend. Furthermore, your practice will benefit by bringing in more patients for appointments and high-value services, which leads to an increase in revenue.

Clarify Your End-of-Year Dental Benefits Messaging with InTouch

You’re eager to start promoting end-of-year dental benefits, but you’re not quite sure how to word your messages. Nothing sounds right. What’s the best way to communicate this information to your patients? InTouch has skilled designers and writers in-house to help you craft the perfect messaging—for web, social media, message on-hold—you name it. Get InTouch by calling (877) 493-9003.