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Fact or Myth:
Will Migrating Your Website Cost You SEO Juice?

There’s a myth floating around that claims migrating your website to a new website provider will deplete your SEO juice. Or is it just a myth? Are you anxious about what will happen to your SEO when you switch over to a new marketing agency? Look at it this way: If you’re placing your digital…
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why you shouldnt use image sliders

Why You Should NEVER Use Image Sliders on Your Website

Have you ever clicked on a website and seen one of those rotating image sliders in the top/hero section of the homepage? Also called a “carousel,” this feature allows you to rotate through multiple images, links, and copy so you can promote a bunch of different things in one spot. At a glance, having sliders…
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5 Organic Facebook Post Ideas for Your Dental Practice

Organic Facebook posts are your secret weapon to succeeding on social media, and guess what? They’re free! Instead of paying someone to create and publish posts to your vet practice’s Facebook profile, consider delegating the task to a social media-savvy member of your team. But what exactly is an organic Facebook post? What’s an Organic…
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How to Promote End-of-Year Dental Benefits to Drive More Business

Like any other business, you want your dental practice to close out the year on a high note. If you’re not satisfied with your numbers and want to get more people in the door, what should you do? We recommend promoting end-of-year dental benefits to your insurance holders. But before we go into how end-of-year insurance…
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The Paradox of Choice for User Experience Web Design: 4 Reasons Less is More

We’re bombarded with choices in every aspect of life, and the internet magnifies this issue. Today’s websites offer countless choices for clothes, music, movies, gadgets, jobs, courses, dating prospects, and so on. The possibilities seem endless, and that’s great—right? Who doesn’t want all the choices in the world available with just a click? Well, maybe…
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3 Reasons You Should Update Your On-Hold Messaging

Your on-hold messaging might be the first thing some of your callers hear when they reach out to your dental practice. It’s important that any information they get while on hold is valuable and useful to them. But sometimes, just having an on-hold message playing for someone isn’t in itself going to be beneficial, especially…
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5 Teeth Whitening Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Website’s Search Ranking

You have a dental website that talks about all your services, but maybe you’re not getting patients in for the services you want to provide. Or, you just started offering new and improved teeth whitening services and want to promote them. If you’re looking for teeth whitening marketing ideas to make this service more visible…
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Facebook Ads: What They Are and How They Benefit Your Dental Practice

Facebook is an essential tool for marketing your dental practice. If you want to stay in the minds of your patients and reach lots of potential new patients, Facebook ads are definitely the way to go. It’s not hard to see why Facebook is such a useful platform for advertising. Over a billion people use…
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Consolidators, Here’s What You Need from Your Dental Digital Marketing Partner

Are you a part of a firm that consolidates dental practices? Are you looking to find a dental digital marketing firm that can help you scale your business and improve the success of your practices? Acquiring practices is no easy task, and building them up to run smoothly and see continuous growth can also be…
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Can Duplicate Content Harm Your SEO?

SEO is important. When you rely on it to help market your dental practice and increase its success, you might start to feel a little protective. You want to avoid anything that can harm your SEO and jeopardize the gains your practice has made in Google Search. Duplicate content is often considered a threat to SEO,…
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Message vs. Music on Hold: What’s the Difference & Which is Better?

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that most people would rather listen to music than silence, especially when they’re on-hold. You might think that music will keep your callers entertained, relaxed, and most importantly, on the line—but that’s not necessarily true. While music is certainly better than silence and is more likely to keep your patients…
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SEO Myths: Do Websites Drop in Rankings When Transferring to a New Agency?

One of the most common SEO myths is that if you switch your website over to a new agency for hosting and maintenance, your rankings will drop and you’ll lose your hard-won “link juice” (also occasionally referred to as “SEO juice”). This is an understandable concern to have, especially after you’ve spent so much time,…
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