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Google My Business 101: Optimize Your Listing to Dominate Local Search

Your Google My Business profile has a key part to play in the success of your dental practice. If you’re unfamiliar with Google My Business (GMB) or need a refresher, we’ll give you a rundown of what a GMB profile is, how you can optimize your profile, and why this benefits your practice. What is…
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How to Get More Google Reviews

Google reviews are highly prized by businesses of all stripes, and it’s easy to see why. The more Google reviews your dental practice has, the better. A study from BrightLocal found that “On average, consumers require a business to have 40 online reviews before they believe its average star rating.” Tough crowd! But getting those…
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Why Your Website Needs a Dental Blog

Blogs are a hot commodity for any business, especially your dental practice. Your website is an investment for your business, and your dental blog is part of that. And not only does it provide net benefits for your dental practice; it also benefits your current and potential patients. Here are some of the key reasons you…
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Why Your Meet the Team Page Isn’t Just About Your Practice

Having a Meet the Team page on your dental website is a great way to promote all the amazing people who make your practice special. But this page serves other important purposes, too–it’s not just about you, it’s about your patients, and how your team can serve their needs better than any other dental practice…
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6 Things Your Dental Website Absolutely Needs to Succeed

Every website has its basic elements. You have your logo, the business name, some contact information, a few pictures and a few paragraphs of copy. But is that good enough? If you currently have a dental website for your practice, do you remember the last time you looked at it? Do you think it would…
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Fundamental Things Your Dental Marketing Company Should be Sharing with You

As a dentist/dental practice owner, you trust your dental marketing company to have your best interests at heart and be just as invested in your business’s growth and success as you are. They should be direct and transparent at every step of the process of working with you. They should make it as easy as…
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3 Ways to Get a Good Apple Maps Profile for Your Dental Practice

It is said that half the battle is showing up. But what happens if your dental practice doesn’t show up in an online search? What if potential patients don’t know you exist? Want to make people find your dental practice? Make sure that Apple Maps has your business listing and it’s accurate and complete, so…
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6 Reasons Your Dental Office Needs Custom Message On-Hold

In today’s competitive environment, it’s likely that your practice makes a lot of effort to attract new patients. A prospective client that calls by phone is very likely to schedule an appointment and perhaps become a regular patient. If the client experience is positive, they may even bring you a few referrals. But what happens…
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7 Things Your Message On-Hold Should be Doing for Your Dental Practice

Have you thought about the many benefits of message on-hold for dental practices? While the friendly message on-hold messages are a more interesting alternative to repetitive music or no sound at all, the content of those messages can mean the difference between disengaged, casual patients and informed, loyal clients who bring you referrals. In general,…
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8 Key Elements Your Message On-Hold Program Needs

Does your dental office’s message on-hold program have all the right ingredients for engaging, informing, and drawing in your callers? As with any marketing strategy, there’s a formula to the process and a set of criteria you need to follow in order to be successful. Message on-hold is not always as simple and straightforward as…
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6 Ways to Tell It’s Time to Update Your Dental Office’s MOH Program

Using message on-hold programs to promote your dental office gives you an advantage over your competitors. But are your programs up-to-date? If not, they could be hurting your business. Because your practice is always evolving, it’s important that your message on-hold program evolves right along with it. Letting your program fall behind will make it…
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How to Find the Most Amazing MOH Vendor for Your Dental Office

It’s great to have options in just about every area of life, but it can also be daunting. Finding the right message on-hold vendor for your dental office is no different–with so many choices out there, how do you know that the one you’ve chosen is truly the best fit for your business? We know…
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